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Recommendations / RecomendacionesAsk for prices for groups of 3-7 people. Wear comfortable clothes, Tennis or closed shoes, Hat, sunglasses, Sunscreen. Preferably, the person attending this activity should have minimal physical condition, and should inform us if the person has cardiovascular problems, allergies, pregnant, among others. Bring water and/or the beverage of your choice, as well as some energy bar.
Tour en Bici de MontañaCualquier rodada nació para sacarnos gritos de emoción, no nos escapamos de bosques sombreados, paisajes áridos y callejones,  vistas sin fin, charcos y senderos llenos de historia. Andar en bici en Guanajuato, con su variedad de veredas y caminos; te permite o bien, disfrutar de tu deporte o incluso incursionar en esta gran experiencia. Una de nuestras rutas favoritas por los visitantes, cruza parte de un bosque de encinos y se desciende la mayor parte del recorrido con algunas cortas subidas.  Puedes preguntar por más opciones acorde a tu nivel e interés!
Mountain Bike TourThis is a route in the middle of the oak forest descending the major part of the journey with some short climbs. Mountain bike was made to bring about shouts of emotions and jubilee; a bike ride does not escape from shady forests, arid landscapes and cobbled alleys, shrubs and roots, endless views and trails full of history. Guanajuato offers such a variety in mountain bike routes that you can either enjoy the sport at any level or even venture into this great experience for the first time.  Don’t hesitate about asking for more options!